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From the Local History Archives: Lest We Forget

by Katie Bowell, Curator of Cultural Interpretation

In honor of Veterans’ Day, here are some images of past Veterans celebrations in Fort Collins.


1937: A color guard of the four veterans organizations in Fort Collins, Colorado are pictured in the Armistice Day parade on College Avenue, November 11, 1937. 

Veterans dedicating plaque for Vietnam War dead, Old War Memorial at College Ave. and LaPorte Ave.; Fort Collins, Colorado

1968: Veterans dedicating plaque for Vietnam War dead, Old War Memorial at College Ave. and LaPorte Ave.; Fort Collins, Colorado.

getimage1.exe 1993: Veterans’ Day Ceremony

100 Best Curator and Museum Blogs

by Katie Bowell, Curator of Cultural Interpretation


The Online Universities Blog posted their list of the 100 Best Curator and Museum Blogs, and guess who made the list? That’s right, yours truly: More to Explore: The Fort Collins Museum & Discovery Science Center Blog (too bad there wasn’t a category for  longest blog name – we would’ve cleaned up)!

We’re thrilled to be listed amongst many of the blogs that we’re already fans of, and hope that the list will help you discover some new museum blogs to read. The list is divided into blog categories (you can find us at #74 under “Science”) so it’s easy to navigate.

Have fun exploring some of the other museum blogs, but remember to keep reading ours (after all, we did make the list of 100 Best Curator and Museum Blogs).

*image courtesy of International Art Therapy

From the Archive: Dancing the night away

by Pat Walker, Local History Archive Research Assistant

From about 1910 to 1914, the ragtime dance craze was in its heyday. Dance halls like the Lindenmeier Lake Pavilion and Ault’s Hall (113 North College Avenue) sprang up to accommodate the demand. With the new craze came new dances — the so-called animal dances like the Turkey Trot, Grizzly Bear, Chicken Scratch, and Bunny Hug.

Not particularly elegant, the animal dances were mostly one step movements, one step per beat, and often included a slouched posture, shoulder shaking, head bobbing, hopping, and a tight embrace that had “proper” society in an uproar. Considering the new dances lewd and immoral, many attempts were made by the “good folk” of Fort Collins to ban the dances — with little success!


Advertisement for a dance, July 1921


William Lindenmeier

William Lindenmeier, circa 1911

lake boat house

Lindenmeier Lake Boat House, circa 1920. The dance room was on the second floor above the boat house.

November 2009

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