Great Backyard Bird Count results

by Treloar Bower, Curator of Education

I’ve been having a great time roaming the results website for this year’s Great Backyard Bird Count.  If you have a chance, check it out at  I’m very proud of Fort Collins: we increased our total number of checklists submitted this year.  Now, I confess that our checklist total only went up by two (80 in 2009, 82 in 2010), but it was enough to rank us #2 in cities in Colorado submitting lists (Colorado Springs turned in a whopping 158 lists).  The good new is that lists can be submitted until March 1.  I know for a fact that our number will go up because I still need to enter my count from Monday, February 15.

In a disappointment, the Red-shouldered Hawk that’s been spotted west of Windsor did not show up on anyone’s list.  However, someone did spot a Great Blue Heron (I’ve seen them here in January in past years, so it’s good to know someone got one documented with the GBBC).

Great Blue Heron at Prospect Pond, Fort Collins

Someone else saw a pygmy nuthatch.  This is a cute little, social bird that can walk down tree trunks headfirst!  Fort Collins is a little east of its normal range, so it’s neat that someone captured its presence here in a checklist.

Pygmy Nuthatch

Next year, I think we need to aim to break 100 checklists submitted from Fort Collins.  Anyone else on board for that goal?

2 Responses to “Great Backyard Bird Count results”

  1. 1 tburton1004 February 24, 2010 at 9:24 am

    I was so bummed — I only got 4 house sparrows in my bird count. It was a windy day and not so great for counting birds at the feeder — and don’t get me wrong, I’m not dissing sparrows! But it was really fun to do the bird count (my first time), and I’m looking forward to doing it again next year!

  1. 1 Science at Home: Science Scout Badges « More to Explore Trackback on November 3, 2010 at 8:02 am
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