Science at Home: Plankton on Display

by Katie Bowell, Curator of Cultural Interpretation

Sardine Eggs

Have you ever wondered where that characteristic smell of the ocean comes from (somewhat harder to experience in Colorado, but trust me, it’s distinct)? Or what the White Cliffs of Dover are made out of? Or perhaps you’ve always been curious about what that crab you dipped in butter sauce last night for dinner looked like when it hatched out of its egg.

All those questions and more get answered in the most beautiful photographs of plankton I’ve ever seen.  The photographs are on exhibit at the London Zoo to commemorate the 350th anniversary of The Royal Society, but if you can’t hop the pond to England, have no fear. The BBC has a slide show of the photos, plus a fascinating narration by the photographer, Dr. Richard Kirby. Enjoy!

Crab Megalop Larva, Spider Crab Larva, Starfish Larva

P.S. How cool is the photograph of the starfish juvenile developing on the starfish larva starting at 4:43 on the slide show?

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