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From the Archive: Spring Break!

by Lesley Drayton, Curator, Fort Collins Local History Archive

It’s Spring Break for most of you living around these parts, so be sure to stretch out and take advantage of the (hopefully) sunny days and warm weather. Here are some inspirational photos from the Local History Archive of folks catching spring fever.

How about a nice hike and picnic to beat the winter blues? Mrs. Bunn, Mr. and Mrs. Ingersoll, and Mr. and Mrs. Gaugh take a quick lunch break at the foot of Horsetooth, circa 1900.

Perhaps a boating trip is just what you need to enjoy the fresh spring air? Boating on Lindenmeier Lake, circa 1910.

Simply having fun with your friends in the sunshine can be a great way to put the cold weather behind you. Unidentified group of women in Rocky Mountain National Park, circa 1905.

A nice Sunday drive is a great way to get away from it all…unless you have to give your car a little push now and then. Unidentified group with a 1913-1914 Carter automobile.

Finally, be sure spend some quality time with your pets; they enjoy the springtime, too. Just keep an eye on them at all times; your pet should be licensed, but not to drive. Raymond Bliton’s dog and car, circa 1915.

March 2010

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