Real-life science

by Treloar Bower, Curator of Education

A Science Fair participant explains his project to judge Katie Bowell

Here’s one more blog post from our recent district-wide science fair. The projects I enjoyed most were the ones that had obvious real-life inspiration and application. Here’s a sampling of my favorites, in no particular order:

“Bad Bagels for Breakfast”

Claire Neff, 5th Grade, Rivendell School, Excellent Designation

Which bagel molds the fastest? The real-life application here is that if you are going camping, you should pack the bagels that mold last!  (By the way, in Claire’s investigation, the last-to-mold bagels are Albertsons’® bagels!)

“Rotting Bananas”

Alyssa Mather, 5th Grade, Putnam Elementary, Excellent Designation

Do bananas rot faster when kept in a bunch or separated? Alyssa concluded that bananas rot faster when stored individually, so keep your bananas in a bunch!

“Popcorn Science”

Elinor Jones, 5th Grade, O’Dea Elementary, Excellent Designation

Elinor compared popping statistics between different strains and brands of popcorn. Yellow is best, she says!

“No Oxide”

Emmett Halsey, 4th Grade, Bacon Elementary

Emmett explored rusting rates for metals (treated, painted and bare). His inspiration came from his mother’s rusty Jeep.

“Chocolate Chip Cookies for Everyone”

Emily Ray, 4th Grade, Bennett Elementary, Superior Designation

Emily has family members who have gluten allergies so she set out to replicate NESTLÉ® Toll House® chocolate chip cookies that are gluten-free. She tried a variety of flours, measuring grain size to determine impact on texture of the cookies and then held taste tests.

“Sharpie® Be Gone”

Evan Bergerson, 5th Grade, Kruse Elementary, Superior Designation

With a three-year-old in my house, I anticipate the day may come that I have to remove Sharpie® marker from a wall. Evan explored the Sharpie® removing-power of four cleaning methods in terms of effectiveness and impact to the surface of the item being cleaned. Evan has convinced me to use the Mr. Clean® Magic Eraser®.

“Aluminum Bat vs. Wooden Bat”

Christopher A. Lara, Jr., 5th Grade, Eyestone Elementary

Christopher compared the size of the “sweet spots” for both aluminum and wooden bats. My guess is that Christopher plays baseball and was investigating ways to maximize his hitting prowess!

“The Great Fade and Shrink”

Sara Knaack, 5th Grade, Rice Elementary

Sara determined that extend the life of your denim, it is best to turn your jeans inside out and wash them on cold. Of course, there are always people who want their denim faded…


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