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From the Archive: Historical figures I’d love to meet

by Tiffani Righero, Research Assistant, Fort Collins Local History Archive

Over the years, I have compiled a mental list of historical figures I would love to meet. Most of them are average people. Some had large impacts on social and cultural lifestyles. A few are ancestors. Only one was a political leader, and none were presidents. Recently I came across a series of portraits in the Local History Archive and decided I must add William Clifford “Cliff” Brollier to this list. Brollier may not have been a prominent Fort Collins figure, but he knew how to have fun. From the suave gentleman (bottom left), to the goofy joker (bottom right) to the casual dog-friendly man (top middle right), Brollier looks like quite a character.

These portraits, taken around 1907, were donated to the Local History Archive by Brollier’s daughter Doris Greenacre. She clarified that the dog did not belong to him and said these were just some fun pictures he had taken.

As I dug through the archive, I found a little more about Brollier’s life. According to census records and city directories, he was a bookkeeper for an oil company and lived at 307 Mathews St. with his wife and two daughters. Another photograph in the archive of Brollier shows him on a bicycle in front of the old Elks building at the corner of Linden Street and Walnut Street.

As you might guess from the plethora of flags, this shot was captured during a 4th of July celebration circa 1913. Even on the bike, Brollier has a smirk on his face for the cameraman.

From these photos, Cliff Brollier looks like an interesting fellow; I have added him to my list of historical figures I would like to meet. Who’s on your list?

June 2010

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