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The Secret Lives of Scientists and Engineers

by Katie Bowell, Curator of Cultural Interpretation

When you think of secret identities, you might first think of people like Clark Kent, Peter Parker and Bruce Wayne. You know, the mild-mannered reporters, photographers and millionaires of the world who done costumes that often look like footy-pajamas and go out to save the world. But there are other secret live-ers out there. What about a biochemist who’s also a beauty pageant queen? Or an astronomer with an enviable tie collection? A climatologist who  juggles?

Nova has begun compiling The Secret Lives of Scientists and Engineers, documenting the hidden talents and passions of the people who spend their days exploring the world around us. And the coolest part? Not only are the secret lives fascinating (founding member of a Harry Potter rock band, anyone?), but so are the scientific lives. Explore the site to learn more about a girl who discovered a supernova when she was just 15, a man who went on the search for a leech that only lives in the rear ends of hippos, and an engineer who is redesigning space suits.

What about you? Do you have a secret life?

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