Not a Trick, but Definitely a Treat!

By Ashley Houston, Museum Coordinator

It’s October and you know what that means…trees turning beautiful fall colors, that crisp feeling in the air, the possible snowstorms, but most of all, it’s my favorite holiday: Halloween! Candy, costumes, ghosts and ghouls! It’s that one time of year when we embrace our imaginations and let our inner children come out to play. Thinking about throwing a festive Halloween party? Well, if it was the 1920s, you might have wanted to think about checking out that year’s annual Dennison’s Boogie Book.

I recently came across a real “treat” – a copy of Dennison’s Boogie Book in the museum collections that dates to 1925. Inside are ideas for parties, dances, games, decorations, costumes, and even a ghost story with directions on how to make your telling of it extra scary! One of my favorite parts is the section for “The Business Girl” where there are helpful hints for the woman who needs to throw together a party in limited time. I personally like the matching headband for the girl and sash for the guy to tell who came to the party together

If you had a little extra time on your hands, perhaps you could purchase some of Dennison’s accompanying products to easily make the decorations and then to create your own crepe paper costume! Simply sew the crepe paper to a muslin foundation and slip the costume over your other clothes to make one of these lovely creations:

Perhaps parties and costumes are simply too much. If so, you could always just send a Halloween themed postcard to some of your friends wishing them a happy Halloween on this “spooky night.” That’s what a woman named Anna did with this postcard titled “Hallowe’en Precautions” from 1909.


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