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From the Archive: Rams and Cowboys: Long Time Rivals

by Tiffani Righero, Research Assistant, Local History Archive

The Colorado State University Rams Football Team will travel to Laramie this Saturday, November 20, to face the University of Wyoming Cowboys.  The rivalry between these teams is not new.  Here are a few photographs from past games between the Rams and the Cowboys.

This photograph is from 1912 when the Rams were the Aggies.  The Aggies traveled north to Prexy’s Pasture in Laramie where they beat the home team 33-0.  This gave the Aggies their first winning record since 1903.

Here’s another game played in Laramie; this one from 1933. The Aggies beat the Cowboys 7-0 with a touchdown pass by Wilbur “Little Red” White to Julius “Bud” Dammann.

On October 29, 1966, the Cowboys (ranked 10th in the nation and with an undefeated season) traveled to Fort Collins.  The Rams defense was key in their 12-10 win over the Cowboys.

The November 1, 1980 CSU vs. Wyoming game was a close one.  The Rams were down with 48 seconds on the clock, but Steve Fairchild threw a touchdown pass with just four seconds left on the clock. The Rams won 28-25.

Can the Rams beat the Cowboys this weekend like they did in these games?

All photographs are from John Hirn’s Aggies to Rams: The History of Football at Colorado State University which is available for viewing in the Local History Archive and available for purchase in the museum store.

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