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Friday Quick Links

by Katie Bowell, Curator of Cultural Interpretation

History for Music Lovers – History lessons set to the tunes of pop songs. My picks? Joan of Arc to the tune of “Seven Nation Army”  and Beowulf to “99 Luftballons.” The project covers European history well, and hopefully they’ll add more topics as the project continues.

The Top Ten Daily Consequences of Having Evolved. So that’s why we get hiccups, hernias and need to have our wisdom teeth removed!

Is the Universe older than the Big Bang? New research suggests that the universe may recycle itself over and over, with the Big Bang being the latest in a series of births and deaths.

Saturn’s second largest moon, Rhea, has an oxygen atmosphere. Does that mean that we’ll all soon be moving to Earth 2? Don’t hold your breath – Rhea’s atmosphere is so thin that, at Earth-like temperatures and pressure, the entire atmosphere would fit into a building.

It’s a squid! It’s a worm! It’s a flamboyant squid worm! Actually, it’s just a worm, but with eight arms used for breathing and another two long appendages for feeding, you can see how “squid” seemed like a logical guess. Teuthidodrilus samae is a marine worm from the Philippines new to science.

Want to play another computer game that’s fun and helps science? Try Phylo and become a geneticist while playing a horizontal, Tetris-like game with genetic sequences.

We already know elephants are afraid of bees. Well, it turns out elephants afraid of ants, too.

Black holes may be doorways into alternate realities, and our universe maybe be inside a black hole that’s part of a larger universe.

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