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Why does this place matter?

by Terry Burton, Digital Media Coordinator, Fort Collins Museum & Discovery Science Center

The National Trust for Historic Preservation has a really interesting project going on called “This Place Matters.” It’s a photo-sharing campaign in which people use Flickr to post photos of themselves in places that are important to them. It’s interesting not just because of the diversity of places that people have chosen as important, but because it opens up some interesting questions. 

Why are places important to us? Author Barry Lopez wrote “Human beings, generally, seem to long for a specific place, a certain geography that gives them a sense of well-being.” Our places are part of our personal identity and our community identity. Here in Fort Collins we treasure both our historic places and our natural places and we work fiercely to protect them. At the same time, in our day-to-day routines we often stop consciously noticing our surroundings — we’re like fish that can’t see water. Which is why something like “This Place Matters” is a great idea.

Our special places are part of what tell our personal story and our community story. When we lose a special place, we definitely feel a loss. What places matter to you? Why do they matter? What do your special places say about you?

This Place Matters - Soapstone Prairie Natural Area

This Place Matters - Soapstone Prairie Natural Area

Let’s participate in this project and show off some of the great places in Fort Collins and northern Colorado. If you do decide to contribute to “This Place Matters,” take an extra minute and upload your photos to our Flickr group pool also so we can enjoy your places too!


September 2022

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