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Happy Pi Day!

by Katie Bowell, Curator of Interpretation

Happy Pi Day! Take a minute to appreciate the infinite decimal that shows up everywhere from geometry to trigonometry to calculus to physics to statistics to chaos theory, and maybe eat some pie while you’re at it.

In celebration of Pi Day (March 14th = 3.14), here’s a clever little film in which pi and e (the base of the natural logarithm) go on a blind date.

Is your birthday found in pi? Go here to find out!

Looking for more ways to celebrate? Check out some of our suggestions from last year.

Don’t Forget Pi Day!

by Katie Bowell, Curator of Cultural Interpretation

Both yummy and useful

Normally we don’t publish blog posts on the weekend, but I couldn’t let the opportunity to remind everyone that today, March 14th, is Pi Day (3.14) pass us by. Why not celebrate the most famous of irrational numbers by:

  • Eating some pie!
  • Seeing how many digits of pi you can memorize? (You never know, this could come in handy someday…maybe).
  • Read this very interesting article on the history of determining and debating the value of pi.
  • Eat some more pie!
  • Express pi musically. (Warning: You will find this catchy. The people around you will find it annoying).

P.S. It’s also Einstein’s birthday. Coincidence? Yes. Awesome coincidence? Yes!

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