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From the Collection: Dinner at the Tedmon House

by Lesley Drayton, Curator, Local History Archives

I’m a big fan of the Tedmon House Hotel, which once stood at the northwest corner of Linden and Jefferson Streets in Fort Collins, Colorado. Featured in previous posts, the Tedmon House was an icon in Fort Collins from its grand opening in 1880 until it was demolished in 1910. Luckily, many unique items remain in the collections at the Fort Collins Museum & Discovery Science Center.

One such item is this menu for Sunday dinner from October 29, 1883.

The menu also has an extensive wine list on the back; there are more than just wines featured.

Sign me up for the haunch of elk with cranberry sauce, and just some Apollinaris mineral water, please! I’ll pass on absinthe.

From the Archive: Just sweet

by Lesley Drayton, Curator, Fort Collins Local History Archive

I was looking through a folder of photographs the other day (by the way—did you know that the Local History Archive has over 250,000 prints, negatives, and slides in its Historic Photographs collection?) and came across this wonderful print of Mr. Bolivar Tedmon and Mrs. Alice (Allyn) Tedmon on their 60th wedding anniversary. These two prominent Fort Collins citizens met and were married in New York in 1873, but later moved to Fort Collins where they started the famous Tedmon House hotel.

What is so sweet about this photo? Well, not only are they celebrating their diamond anniversary, but Alice is wearing her wedding dress. After 60 years, it still fits! Now that is devotion.

Mr. Bolivar Tedmon and Mrs. Alice (Allyn) Tedmon on their 60th wedding anniversary

October 2022

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