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On the Discovery Docket: Vi Hart, Mathemusician

by Katie Bowell, Curator of Cultural Interpretation

Vi Hart


Vi Hart is one cool lady. And more than just being cool herself, she has the oh-so-special ability of making math cool. That’s right, math. Using simple visuals that include doodles, balloons, food, and a seemingly never-ending supply of Sharpie Markers, Vi takes math and abstract mathematical concepts and makes math make sense.

Technically, Vi Hart calls herself a mathemusician, because she’s also a composer. But for today, we’re going to focus on her mad math skills.

First, her Doodling in Math Class series. For example, want to know how to always doodle a perfect snake? Math!

And then there’s The Story of Wind and Mr. Ug, a compelling saga (that took two months to make!) of life on a Möbius strip.

Next, balloons! Specifically, Mathematical Balloon Twisting. Vi’s website gives step-by-step instructions on how to make octahedrons, hyperbolic planes, a tangle of six squares, and even Serpinski’s tetrahedron.

And finally, just because it’s so fun, mathematical ways to eat candy buttons.

Still want more Vi Hart? Check our her instructions for how to cut your food mathematically, her fascinating mathematical Twelve Days of Christmas, and much more on her website.

P.S. While many of Vi’s videos suggest doodling as a way to pass the time in boring math classes, the Fort Collins Museum & Discovery Science Center does not support ignoring your teachers. But, if you must, just try not to get caught 😉


March 2023

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